The Positive Side To Spoiling A Child

Early Signs Of My Entrepreneurial Mind

A little preface to my entrance into entrepreneurship. I think it’s important, because it’s usually the things that are buried deep in some one, experiences from the past, successes, failures, learning experiences, etc., that truly makes up a person and his/her fundamental passions.

I was a spoiled kid growing up. I didn’t ask to be, I just was. I guess it was because my parents wanted to give me what they didn’t have or could’t acquire when they were young(er). I’ve come to understand that this is common amongst parents coming from a poverty lifestyle when they were children.

Here in the U.S., they became a part of the middle working class group and got pretty decent paying jobs. My father is a painter and worked for the union majority of his career, so he was the major bread winner, My mother hopped from several jobs and being mother.

Since my father made some decent money, he spoiled me and my younger brother. We got the latest toys, video game systems (I grew up a video gamer freak), and gadgets. When I didn’t get something I wanted, I would freak out! And then I would get what I wanted.

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Becoming An Entrepreneur

How I Got Started In Entrepreneurship

For someone to get into entrepreneurship is pretty easy. It’s just a matter of choice. But, in order for someone to stay an entrepreneur, it takes courage and a whole bunch of persistence.

Growing up I never knew the word entrepreneur, never used it, never heard of it. Thinking back, the closest thing I knew relative to entrepreneurship is a business person. I’d never exercise the idea of becoming a business person as a child or a teen.

Being that my parents were working class people, business was never spoken in my family. I was raised being told to go to school, get good grades, go to college, and get a good paying job. And that’s what I strove to do.

I never had any ambition to be in business. In fact, to me business had a negative connotation. I used to think business people were boring people in suits that stayed in offices and tried to sell and manipulate people into spending money in their businesses – a correlation with salespeople, but hey that’s what I knew and thought of business people.

I also was, and still, am a shy, quiet, introverted, a little anti-social, person who didn’t like to hold conversations with strangers. So, being a business person was way far down on my list of career choices for me. I, instead leaned more towards being an artist, scientist, and an engineer because I didn’t have to deal with much people.

It was when I was in high school that any type of business thoughts delved into my mind.

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The blog that no one cares about!


Welcome to my blog, a blog that no one may really care about. So why did I create it?

Here’s a little corner of the internet that I can write about my experiences, journeys, learning lessons, and everything else in between. A diary, if you will.

I am an entrepreneur and an investor, so I will be probably writing a little about that.

One thing I have learned as an ambitious entrepreneur is to follow and learn from other people that I want to be like. And that’s one thing that I did. I followed them on social media, read their blogs, watched their YouTube videos, read their books, and dug into their minds.

I made this blog for various purposes, (1) to reflect on myself, (2) if anyone ever meets me and ever want to follow and learn through my experiences, here it is.

This is my mind, my thoughts splattered on this digital paper. Raw, unedited, truthful, and hopefully informative words from someone like you tried and trying to make it in my life’s goals.

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